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SeedHawk Air Carts

PD 400-1000

Smart, flexible, efficient

Precision seeding on large farms just got a big boost. Combining capacity, flexibility, and accuracy, Seed Hawk Air Carts will improve every farm’s productivity. Innovative technology throughout the Fenix III metering, iCon Wireless Control system, load cells and intuitive iPad monitor, give the operator real-time data that can be used in the field and recorded for future reference. High capacity fans, large bins and high flotation tires allow you to apply the products you require, even in the toughest conditions.

When size matters

With its extreme capacity, Seed Hawk Air Carts are designed to give you more time seeding and less time filling. Offered in four sizes; the 400, 680, 820 and 1000 Air Cart have a total bin capacity of between 12,685 to 35,250 litres (360 – 1000 bushels).

With bigger tires comes better flotation in wet conditions, and a bigger footprint decreases compaction by over 50% – on average from 1.86 bar (27psi) to 0.83 bar (12 psi).

400 Air Cart

The PD 400 comes as a three-bin, 360-bushel air cart. To increase capacity, customers can add an optional 40-bu front bin to increase the capacity to 400 bu.

  • 40+120+150+90 bu. capacity
  • Tow-behind or Tow-between

680 Air Cart

The 680 Air Cart offers the size and flexibility to keep your operation moving, with the same technology benefits found on larger Seed Hawk Air Carts.

  • 60+160+160+300 bu. capacity
  • Tow-behind or Tow-between

820 Air Cart

The 820 Air Cart allows you to get through the day with fewer fills, so you can seed more hectares with precision.

  • 60+300+300+160 bu. capacity
  • Tow-behind

1000 Air Cart

The 1000 Air Cart is as good as it gets, combining capacity, flexibility and accuracy – and one of the largest air carts in the industry.

  • 60+480+300+160 bu. capacity
  • Tow-behind

Individual bin load cells

Stopping to guess how much product you have left in the tank is a thing of the past. The modular tank design of Seed Hawk Air Carts features individual compartment load cells.

The load cells weigh each bin separately and provide real-time verification of remaining product. The iCon Wireless Control software uses the innovative Acres to Empty feature to calculate how many acres it will cover. This ensures more efficient filling times and allows you to pinpoint your required fill volume.

Innovative wireless control system

The iPad-based iCon wireless control system delivers complete and easy wireless control of your Seed Hawk Air Cart and Toolbar, even when you are not in the cab.

With a wide range of innovative features like Acres to Empty, In-field Calibration, and Fit to Field, the iCon Wireless Control system provides you with more detailed real-time information, more automation, more customizable data, and optimized prescription mapping.

Fenix III metering

Farming’s most advanced metering technology is engineered for exceptionally precise seeding, reliable performance and easy maintenance.

Integrated, seamless design defines the Fenix III metering system, ensuring consistent product flow. It means the motor, rollers, housing, inlets and outlets work together flawlessly – and handle products like inoculants, micronutrients and problematic seeds with ease.


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