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Multitasking Massey

When Massey Ferguson released its 6718S tractor in 2016, it was the first four-cylinder tractor to reach the 200hp barrier. In a compact 2.67-metre wheelbase, on paper it offered farmers a high horsepower performer that would be as comfortable in the field as in the yard.

One farmer who took the opportunity of the 6718S’ credentials was Staffordshire-based James Madders.

The 325-hectare farm near Stafford sees 300 cows milked, with grass the predominant crop, although plenty of arable crops are also grown. The tractor arrived at the farm as a demonstration unit in May 2018 and remained after Mr Madders saw the advantage of the machine’s small stature coupled to its powerful motor.

He says: “It is a powerhouse. Whatever task we put the tractor to, it performs well, with plenty of power, enough weight and nimble manoeuvrability.”

The tractor has a power-to-weight ratio of about 30hp per tonne and is the farm’s main workhorse, carrying out most field-based tasks and clocking up about 1,250 hours per year. However, a major consideration to its purchase was its ability to step into the role of Mr Madders’ other Massey Ferguson tractor should it break down.

The tractor responsible for feeding the cows is a 6470, and with some tight buildings, the farm’s second tractor is required to be nimble enough to navigate around the yard should the need arise.

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