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Meridian Grain Augers

Continuous Super-Edge Flighting™ capacities up to 300 Tonnes Per Hour.

Now Available from Agwest Machinery

Augers that run smoother, run longer. The Meridian Auger’s Continuous Super-Edge Flighting™ runs quieter and smoother than other flighting, reducing operating stress and offering capacities up to 300 Tonnes Per Hour. With over 70 years of proven experience, you can depend on Meridian augers.

Meridian HD conventional augers are built to be rugged, dependable and versatile. Our square structural undercarriage, offset axle, self-levelling motor mount, continuous Super Edge Flighting (up to 53′) and unique seamless tube connectors on 46′ augers and up are all standard features. For un-paralled manoeuvrability, add our 4 Wheel Frame mounted mover.

The Meridian conventional auger is available in 7”, 8”, 10” & 12” diameter’s and offer capacities from 90-300 Tonnes Per Hour.

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