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Hansa T-Series Premium Tandem Axle Spreaders

Tandem Axle trailing spreaders ranging from 13-25 tonne, ideal for contractors and broadacre farmers alike servicing significant areas of land as efficiently as possible.

T-Series Premium Tandem Axle Spreaders : T13 | T15 | T20 | T23

Welcome to a new level of productivity – with proven power and efficiency

All Hansa spreaders are manufactured in Australia to suit Australian conditions.

Hansa continually strive for innovation, to offer new technology and efficiency, while maintaining simplicity to ensure reliability and versatility are at their maximum.

T-Series Premium Tandem Axle Spreaders : Range in Sizes from 9000kg to 15,000kg Urea / 16,000kg to 25,000kg Lime / 12,000ltrs to 20,000ltrs

When one axle isn’t enough the T Series solves the problem, our tandem machines offer a low loading height and excellent stability, the tandem axle give great floatation and the steering axle ensures your paddocks are left pristine. Get more done in less time, with a Hansa Spreader.

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