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Gason T Series Seeder Bar

T10000 & T12000

GASON T Series

The T10000 and T12000 were developed to provide a modern and reliable planter for the Australian broadacre farmer, while complying with new national legislation for over-dimension agricultural vehicles.

Both models fold to under 6.5m transport width. The clean, simplistic design featuring a single row of 500/50-22.5 high flotation wheels and a rigid pull makes for a strong and manoeuvrable machine.

Frames are fitted with Gason’s proven ScariTILL or HydraTILL tine assemblies providing breakout from 300lb to 680lb.

The T Series is ideally coupled with a Gason Air Seeder to provide a complete planting package – compatible with 3m controlled traffic farming practices, and our range of parallelogram/frame mounted press-wheels.

T Series planters are the ideal size for most farming applications. Our expert engineers have developed a robust and durable machine, designed for our unique Australian conditions while retaining classic Gason aesthetics. Compliment your T Series planter with a Gason Blue Series or Platinum Series air seeder for the complete broadacre tillage package.


  • Compliant transport dimensions
  • 400/540lb spring tines or hydraulic tines
  • High flotation wheels mounted in-frame on 3m wheel centres
  • Effective working width of 12m & 10m
  • Coupled perfectly with Gason range of Air Seeders


  • ScariTILL spring tine assembly – can be fitted with frame mounted presswheel
  • HydraTILL hydraulic tine assembly – can be fitted with parallelogram presswheel
  • Tine spacing options – 200mm (8′), 250mm (10′), 300mm (12′)


  • Rear Tow Hitch
  • Seeder Mount (for Black Series air seeder)
  • Ground Engaging Tools
  • Presswheel Mud Scrapers
  • 2PL Hitch Leveller
  • Hydraulic Hitch Leveller
  • Throttle Check Valve (for HydraTILL)
  • Depth Sensor Kit (for STD monitor)
  • Second Accumulator Kit

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