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FENDT IDEAL 10T Harvester

581kW / 790HP

Fendt IDEAL. A combine developed without limitations from a blank canvas, designed to open up new horizons in productive harvests. Ready for the current and future requirements of professional farmers and contractors. An innovative threshing system that always provides the most efficient output and cleanest results for every type of crop and under all conditions.

IDEAL 10 T Engine. Max Performance with Power boost (ECER 120)          581KW / 790HP

Fendt IDEAL. Time for something completely new.

A machine that works wonders in the shortest harvest windows with uncompromising quality and unconditional reliability. A smart solution that lets you experience your harvest like never before, with the latest sensors and smart networking.

Regardless of where or what you harvest: The harvest becomes IDEAL with Fendt.
Redine your grain harvest

The Fendt IDEAL was developed in the global AGCO Centres of Excellence for harvesting technology. Countless farmers and contractors from around the world were asked what combine requirements would make their IDEAL harvest. It’s the culmination of this customer input, the combined experience of our developers and the chance to test the Fendt IDEAL all year round in different regions under the harshest operating conditions, that make the Fendt IDEAL the most modern and innovative combine on the market.

New harvesting horizons

The Fendt IDEAL was developed from a blank canvas. In this redeveloped high-power combine, all the assemblies have been radically reinvented. The brief was simple: It must be IDEAL.

Superior Dual Helix rotors:

What makes the Fendt IDEAL stand out from other combines is the outstanding Dual Helix processor, providing the highest output and best threshing quality with gentle crop handling and low energy consumption. The (basic) concept of the Helix processor unites the market requirements such as maximum output, best grain quality and low energy consumption with optimum straw quality.

Power Flow tables: IDEAL all the way.

To get the best results, everything has to be right from the start. That’s why all Fendt IDEAL combines work with the latest generation of the world’s most esteemed PowerFlow tables. The clean-cutting Schumacher cutterbar achieves more than 1,220 cuts per minute, and the crop, including ears, is then carried on the PowerFlow belts to the SuperFlow auger. This measures over 76 cm in diameter and occupies the entire width of the feed finger. The Power Flow cutter unit is particularly impressive with uncut crop, achieving the highest output and the lowest losses.

Full power: Cyclone Cleaning System

The powerful Cyclone cleaning fan consists of three fanning units with open sides for maximum air output. The fan speed can be hydraulically adjusted between 250 and 1400 rpm. to give you different speeds quickly and efficiently. The powerful Cyclone cleaning fan consists of three fan units with open sides for maximum air output. The fan speed can be hydraulically adjusted between 250 and 1400 rpm. to give you different speeds quickly and efficiently. The powerful airflow is split from the first drop stage, With a constant air flow generated over the entire length of the shaker shoe, giving you the best cleaning results.

Larger concave surface area

Two additional separator concaves bring the concave surface of the Fendt IDEAL 10T up to 4.54m², which means even higher separating area and even greater output.

MAN and AGCO Power.
Maximum performance with very low maintenance effort.

To make the best overall package, the 3 different Fendt IDEAL models also work with three different motors, which are perfectly adapted to the potential output of the IDEAL 7, 8 and 9. The maximum fuel efficiency can only be achieved with an engine that is perfectly suited to the potential output. The IDEAL 7 has an AGCO Power engine, while IDEAL 8 and 9 feature 2 different MAN engines. Featuring the latest common-rail injection, all engines comply with Tier4final regulations, and are noted for their long service intervals.

Fendt Vision Cab

The ultimate overview. The Fendt VisionCab was designed to offer you the perfect workplace with the best view over the attachment. It does this with a window area of 5.75 m2 and a 180° panoramic view. The low noise level of just 73 db creates a pleasant working atmosphere. The generous operator’s cab even means long-legged operators can enjoy a comfortable seat.

Seat comfort. On the Fendt IDEAL, you have the choice between two seat variants: the standard fabric variant, or the deluxe leather seat with active ventilation. The instructor’s seat is produced from leather on request. There is a 28.5 litre cooling compartment below it. Fold down the backrest to reveal two practical bottle holders and a document holder.

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