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Fendt 1000 Vario 296hp-517hp


Fendt 1000 Vario harnesses its power. Its large tyres, intelligent ballasting and tyre pressure assistant as well as unique, variable four-wheel drive deliver the right amount of grip in any situation – along with outstanding manoeuvrability. And it has more than just pulling power.

kW hp
1038 Vario 291 396
1042 Vario 320 435
1046 Vario 350 476
1050 Vario 380 517

So that daily work becomes a masterpiece.

Most powerful standard tractor with maximum modularity

The Fendt 1000 Vario occupies a new segment with its power output. Its design as a high-performance standard tractor brings together every advantage for operations in the field and on the road.


Maximum performance 365 days a year

All components from engine to gearbox, from radiator to hydraulics, have been designed specifically for permanent power in demanding applications, and tailored to high power transfer with very low consumption. Of all its strengths, the Fendt 1000 Vario shines due to its excellent manoeuvrability and low tare weight with high payload. The latest software solutions and variety of interfaces pave the way for connected services, which boost operational efficiency with highspeed data analyses and maintenance options while still working in the field.

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