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Ausplow Deep Tillage

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Deep Tillage

For sustainable and productive farming, we need soils which are fertile, porous, loose, stable, and deep with plenty of organic matter and a high degree of biological activity.

Deep ripping to remove traffic induced hardpans has long been recognized as an effective means of improving soil structure in almost all conditions. Plant roots can penetrate the ripped soil faster and deeper to absorb more soil moisture, capture more soil nutrients and improve yield.

Min-till seeding and deep ripping also go hand in hand. Min-till seeding is worthwhile after ripping because it reduces erosion risk and helps the effect of deep ripping last longer.

Hard pans can be re-established quickly unless tractor traffic is reduced, and conventional cultivation requires more passes. Trials conducted in sand plain in WA found that four passes of a tractor were enough to form a hardpan which reduced grain yield by up to a third.



The proven Easitill II traditional deep tillage machine is capable if conditions allow of working to depths of 380mm (15”) with the 750mm edge-on shank, and in sand plain soil conditions using the 820mm edge-on shank to depths of 450mm.

The Eastill forged edge-on shank is 20mm wide x 90mm deep does not invert the soil, and with minimal topsoil disturbance leaves everything intact.

It uses a similar frame to the DBS Auseeder but does not use the rear add on tool bar. Instead, the three rows of tines on the Easitill are mounted within the main frame.

The tine spacings available are 460mm (18”), 520mm (20”) and 600mm (24”) and the underframe clearance is 750mm (29.5”). The maximum breakout force is 650kgs (1430lbs) @ 1450psi pressure. All models are fitted with hydraulic tines coupled to a central nitrogen accumulator.

All models can be fitted with optional single coulters. Tines are protected from wear with replaceable shin guards and tungsten tipped blades.

There are 15 models available in working widths ranging from 4.14m to 13.34m.

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