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Ausplow DBS Tine

Ausplow Tillage Systems

DBS Tine

1. Hydraulic Tine

Hydraulic tines ensure the transfer of damaging vibrations to the parallelogram is virtually eliminated. The unique design of the jump cylinder ensures sealing surfaces are not exposed to the elements. The jump cylinder holds the tine in the correct digging position.

Cushion Return Valve

A cushion valve is fitted as standard in each jump cylinder, guaranteeing a soft return of the tine and DBS mechanism to minimise damage to machinery.


The forged and heat treated 90mm x 20mm edge on shank comes with a history of proven durability. The tine assembly includes grease-able and replaceable tine pivot bushes and hardened pins.

Blade Length

Blade length is critical to achieving disturbance of yield-limiting hardpans. Depending on soil types and paddock conditions, two adjustable blades are offered in 5-7 inch and 7-9 inch configurations. The shorter 5-7 inch blade is recommended in rocky conditions, heavy clay or where available horsepower is limited. The longer
7-9 inch blade can be used in sandy soil types where little or no foreign objects are encountered. It is essential that the actual digging depth is matched to blade length.

Blade Design

Our digging blade is made of hardened and tempered spring steel for strength. The 15mm (W) x 50mm (L) bursting tile and 15mm wide tungsten tiles along the remainder of the face gives maximum durability, and improves the wear life of the blade. 7-9 inch blade can be used in sandy soil types where little or no foreign objects are encountered. It is essential that the actual digging depth is matched to blade length.

6. Blade Angle

Creating the ideal seeding conditions requires maximum sub-soil disturbance. This requires steep blade angles which give a greater bursting action. The DBS blade angle is set at 20 degrees to the vertical. This in-turn requires heavy duty hydraulic tines, heavy duty frames, and fixed drawbars.

Precision Liquid Delivery

Liquid can be plumbed to each DBS module at 3 locations, and is delivered in a pencil stream under pressure into the soil.

Liquid placement in furrow at 3 locations:
• Deep banded behind knife blade for Liquid N & Trace Elements
• At seed placement for Fungicides
• Behind press wheel for Soil Wetters.

Fertiliser Shield & Boot

Directly behind the digging blade is the fertiliser shield and boot which has an adjustable depth from 3” to 4” enabling excellent separation between the seed and fertiliser.

Closing Tool

Seeding depth adjustment is achieved by changing the position of the closing tool which is part of the parallelogram seeding unit. Four types of closing tools are available to suit various seeding conditions.

• Heavy to Loam conditions, the 30mm (suitable with Std Seed Boots), 45mm ( Std Seed Boots and/or Small Seed Boots)
• Loam to Sandy conditions, the 60mm (suitable with Std or Split Seed Boots), and the Paired Row System.

10. Parallelogram Seeding Unit

The DBS parallelogram seeding unit has 4 notch spring pressure position settings for the press wheel, where pressure is set independently from the hydraulic tine.

Position A – Lightest down force used when seeding into deep sand or very wet condition.

Position D – Heavy clay conditions and achieves optimum soil seed contact in dry, cloddy conditions.

The parallelogram arms are made from highly durable spring steel and connected to bush housing with a lubricated sintered nickel bush.

11. Press Wheel

The multi-purpose, smooth semi-pneumatic press wheel undertakes three functions – gauge wheel, seed covering and pressing the soil to obtain seed-soil contact.

Press wheels are offered in five (5) sizes to suit various seeding conditions:

• 70mm ‘V’ shape for heavy clay, and high moisture conditions
• 50mm for heavy soil conditions
• 70mm for all round conditions where a variety of soil types are encountered
• 90mm for lighter soil conditions
• 135mm for light and soft conditions.

12. Precision Granular Delivery

The DBS incorporates as part of the tine assembly 32mm (316 grades) stainless steel tubes with polyurethane boots for effective dual shooting delivery of fertiliser and seed.

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